Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, New Tampa & Beyond

Homeowners Insurance PolicyFinding a wide variety of affordable homeowners insurance quotes from reliable carriers in the state of Florida these days is not easy, unless you have help from the independent insurance agents from Shoemaker & Associates. While many long-time homeowners policy providers have pulled out of Florida in recent years, there still are companies that service the state affordably and reliably, and Shoemaker can help you find the one that suits your needs.

The process of acquiring homeowners insurance quotes has never been what you might consider simple. And it has only become more and more complex as big companies have dropped thousands of homeowners since the unusually busy and destructive hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005. Fortunately, the experienced agents at Shoemaker were well-prepared to help their clients adjust to the new realities of homeowners insurance in Florida. Our deep resources and industry relationships allow us to have access to affordable quotes from highly rated insurance carriers, including:

  • Security First
  • Avatar
  • American Tradition/Modern USA
  • American Strategic Insurance (ASI)
  • Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • And more

Don’t be discouraged if your insurance company has given you notice that it is no longer covering homeowners in the state of Florida. While it might be a bit of a nuisance, we at Shoemaker can smooth it over for you and make sure you experience as little hassle as possible as you transition from one insurance carrier to another. Along those lines, ask us how we also can help you save money by putting all of your other personal insurance needs under our roof. Contact Shoemaker today to acquire affordable homeowners insurance quotes in Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, and elsewhere in Pasco County and northern Hillsborough County.